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Perfect natural brightness

Exploring the brightening properties of plants


Regulating the production of melanin and warding off redness are the two main guidelines for achieving that glowing complexion that is synonymous with healthy, balanced and well-protected skin. This season, Inter Actifs is presenting two ingredients, each with a different story to tell of the mildness and the power of plants.

Alpha Whiteness, the acai oil / Citrue Bisabolol synergy

Oils continue to thrive in the bodycare world and are now starting to edge into the more delicate territory of face care. Citroleo has dreamt up a whitening complex harnessing acai oil and Citrue Bisabolol, extracted from candeia wood. Recent publications have highlighted acai oil’s lightening action via the inhibition of tyrosinase as well as Citrue Bisabolol’s via alpha-MS. The two oils have been associated to achieve a synergistic effect substantiated by clinical tests.

Japanese Beauty Berry, active on the Stem Cell Factor

Studies on the formation of dark spots have revealed the key role of the Stem Cell Factor (SFC), the expression of which is stimulated by exposure to UVs. The SCF tends to naturally promote melano-genesis via the C-Kit receptor. The Extract of CALLICARPA JAPONICA berries (a super fruit brimming with antioxidants) has the power to substantially reduce the expression of SCF induced by UVs. Moreover, it possesses the property of protecting vitamin C and can thus maximise the potential of its lightening properties. Who could imagine a more perfect super-fruit/vitamin/glow combination?