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Skin and Vitamin D

The virtues of White Peony


Whereas there is a lot of documentation on the harmful effects of the sun, a different school of thought is heading in the opposite direction. A major worldwide study has revealed that one third of the population suffers from deficiencies in vitamin D. The cause? Lack of sunlight! Homo urbanicus now spends on average 80% of his time indoors. Yet vitamin D plays a fundamental role in skin homeostasis and cellular differentiation.

Developed by Technoble R&D, a white peony flowers extract rich in kaempferol glycoside, turns out to have similar virtues to those of the sunshine vitamin. WhitepeoD activates the Vitamin D Receptors Activation and thus stimulates the production of tight junctions (occludin/ claudin), leading to an improvement of the barrier function. Moreover tests have shown that the product helps reduce transepidermal water loss of dry, rough skin in individuals suffering from a lack of vitamin D.