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Probiotic and sensitive skin

Strengthen skin's natural defenses


The quality of the skin is greatly dependent on the quality of its protective barrier. Now, what if its actual outer layers were not the stratum corneum nor the hydro-lipidic film? Today, we realize that the state of the skin also relies on the good balance of its microbiome – especially the regulation of some bacteriae, which, when in to high number, can have deleterious effects. This is particularly visible on sensitive or acne-prone skins.

Developed by Barnet, BioFense is a ferment from probiotic bacteria, lactobacillus plantarum, rich in Peptoglycans (PGN) and Lipotechoic acid (LTA). Studies have shown that it can induce type 2 beta-defensins, peptides involved in the regulation the skin micro-flora. This approach aims at reinforcing the natural defenses of the skin and acting against acne.  
  • Beta-defensin stimulation
  • Diminution of acne lesions and erythema
  • Increase of cutaneous barrier strength
  • Reduction of stinging intensity
  • Diminution of oxidative damages