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Anti-UV: Hair Protection


Specialized in the development of actives based on co-products, Bionap has focused its attention on Sicilian olive. They discovered that the residual water obtained from the production of olive oil contains potent antioxidants among which hydroxytyrosol. It has been the starting point of Olea HT-10, whose efficacy has been recently shown in hair protection.

The activity of Olea HT-10 has been proven in photoaging induced by UV rays or Blue light.  Bionap is now extending the substantiation research to the field of hair protection.

Olea HT-10 has an Orac value (72000 µmolTE/g) way higher than those of Vitamine C or Vitamine E.  In a recent FRAP test, it showed convincing results with a 50% increase in antioxidant defense and, after exposure to UV rays, a boost of antioxidant pool of over 19%.

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