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Green CAPB-B (Babaçu betaine)
An innovative amphoteric surfactant, derived from the natural oil of Babaçu. Alternative to palm oil and biodegrable.
INCI : Cocamidopropyl Betaine
CAS # :
Product insights
Derived from Babaçu Oil,. An excellent co-surfactant, to be used in shampoos, for bath and all cleansing cosmetics products.
Application & properties
  • Hair Care
  • Toiletries
  • Hair care
  • Sensitive Skins
An excellent natural co-surfactant. tested at 1 % it gives a more creamy and more stable foam, and better conditioning effect in comparaison to palm derivative.
  • Appearance : Yellowish Liquid
  • Solubility : soluble in water
  • Use level % : 1 to 8%
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