When commodities come to lack, we suddenly realize how precious and essential they are. It is with this idea in mind that we develop sourcing solutions aiming not only at securing your access to strategic ingredients, but also making sure they are produced sustainably with the highest guarantee of purity and traceability. For this we rely on a 70 years track record of supply chain integrity and an effective presence in many countries.


Think virtual manufacturer

With access to over 1,100 ingredients, Inter Actifs by Aceto serves as a true partner to manufacturers of cosmetic and personal care products in Europe, United States and internationally. Thanks to a broad network of manufacturing plants and warehousing operations in multiple countries, we cement rapid access to countless products and insulates customers from international manufacturer limitations and disruptions. Our in-country expertise gives us a unique vantage point and is the guarantee of enhanced communications, security and integrity – as if you had a direct access to certified producers.

High efficiency supply chain

Your strategic ingredients always within reach

The Aceto group handles more than 30,000 shipments per year thanks to a highly experienced and dedicated team, global capabilities and well-tested processes. Over 30 warehouses in US and Europe

  • Meeting regulatory requirements of our various customer segments
  • Geographically located to ensure rapid delivery
  • Ensuring scale needed to secure container space
  • Experience facing and solving virtually any export/import quickly and efficiently

On average 4 months of inventory stored within USA / Europe

  • Ensuring “Just in Time” access to material
  • Providing the option for customers to keep Asian sourced inventory local

Strong Forecasting processes with customers

  • Ability to build inventory process
  • Can align total supply chain the forecasts needed
Regulatory Assistance

Because clarity is of the essence

Aceto’s regulatory team has over 70 years of quality and regulatory experience, with expertise in FDA (Food and Drug Administration), EMA (European Medicines Agency), REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)/TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. Always up-to-date on all regulatory requirements and compliance, we support our customers in navigating tariff restrictions, new import regulations, shipping and labeling requirements and much more.

Specifications you can trust

Showing no material regulatory disruptions in over five years does not happen by chance. Aceto staff are regularly certified and trained in ISO (International Organization for Standardization), cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) , cGDP (Current Good Documentation Practices), FDA food safety, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), and export controls. Our experts conduct regular and rigorous plant audits on technical, environmental and regulatory aspects and assist our customer sponsored audits. Nearly 100 audits are performed every year both on the hardware (appearance, equipment, etc.) and software (quality system, EHS system, etc.) of our suppliers. Audits are based upon a wide variety of standards, such as US FDA , EU Health Authority, ISO9001:2015, ISO20002:2015 / HACCP and EHS.

Quality & Reliability

    • 1,100 Ingredients
    • 30,000 Shipments
    • 100 Audits every year