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Coolin GL
A Grifoline Concentrated active to modulate neurosensibility
INCI : Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate (and) Albatrellus Confluens (Mushroom) Extract (and) Benzyl Alcohol (and) Dehydroacetic Acid
CAS # :
Product insights
Issued from a Finnish mushroom, highly concentrated in polyphenols – and more specifically in grifolin – a molecule known for its activitity on TRPV-1 via the inhibition of the Ca2+ ion influx. Thanks to fermentation, LABIO has been able to activates metabolic pathways to increase its polyphenols concentration
Application & properties
  • Skin Care
  • Make Up
  • Sun Care
  • Sensitive Skins / Soothing
  • Anti-oxidant
Coolin GL was tested on TRPV1 regulation, MMP-1 reduction, and anti-oxidation.
  • Appearance : Light Brown liquid
  • Solubility : Water Soluble
  • Use level % : 5
  • Recommendations : It shoulb be post added at temperature lower than 50 °C
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