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Hadaai Emulsion

In between sensory experience and active benefits


In French, the word «texture» takes us back to textile and the criss-crossing of interwoven threads. It describes how the matter comes into being, without any mention of its use. In Japanese, one of the words for «texture» is «hadaai». It comes from «hada», skin, and «ai», evoking notions of affinity, an ideal combination. Qualifying a texture as hadaai therefore conveys a concept that transcends the pleasure of touch; it brings to mind a matter that one easily imagines to be delicate, enveloping and nourishing. The Japanese laboratory Technoble gives a marvellous illustration of this with Lafrin AM-α, a natural emulsifier obtained from fermented rice.

A more natural emulsifying agent

Most so-called natural emulsifying agents involve a process of esterification or separation by solvent. Lafrin AM-α, however, comes directly from the fermentation of rice and is atomised onto a natural medium (maltitol and arginin).

An active texture

Lafrin is much more than a simple ingredient that can be used to form emulsions. Technoble’s studies have also highlighted its anti-inflammatory properties and its capacity to improve the penetration of active ingredients.