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Alt-Palm solutions with even better results


For over 35 years, Citroleo has been responsibly developing natural ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity for application in the beauty, pharmaceutical or fragrance industries. Its approach essentially based on sustainable development has especially drawn attention with their remarkable sourcing of natural alpha-bisabolol from candeia wood. Now Citroleo is developing functional ingredients with solutions appearing as high effective alternatives to palm derivatives.

Green Behenic (BAPDMA)

It is a Dimethylamine Behenamidopropyl based on Pracaxi oil.  Gifted with excellent hair substantivity, its conditioning properties have been compared to those of Dimethylamine Stearamidopropyl with convincing results on combability, softness, shine anti-frizz and curls definition.

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Green CAPB-B

This Cocamidropropyl Betaine comes from Babassu oil.  It is a co-surfactant with good compatibility with anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants. The nitrogen group of Babassu betain is charged positively and is absorbed by the hair fiber, which reduces the static charge and improves combability. Studies have shown that the ingredient helps produce a denser, more creamy foam compared to CAPB from Palm oil.

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