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Extract of Albatrellus confluens rich in Grifoline


And what if to age well, we need to help the skin keep its cool? Or, to put it simply, stop the skin from overheating to respond better to environmental stress factors. Recent research has highlighted the potential for the TRPV1 pathway to reduce the sensation of hot flushes associated with irritations. Delving deeper, Labio laboratories developed a global solution.

An extract augmented by fermentation

In Finland, Labio identified a fungus, Albatrellus confluens that is rich in Grifoline, a molecule with a known impact on the modulation of TRPV-1. Drawing on their expertise in fermentation, they successfully activated the fungus’ metabolic levers to considerably increase the number of polyphenols and amount of Grifoline.

Anti-inflammatory, thermo-regulatory action

Coolin has been evaluated in relation to the harmful effects of inflammation: protecting from free radicals, modulating the inflammatory cascade (IL6 and Cox 2), regulating TRPV1, inhibiting the influx of Ca2+ ions and reducing MMP-1.

But, Labio also evaluated its thermo-regulatory properties in-vitro. Used at 5%, it reduced the temperature of the skin by 2.6° on average, from the first application.

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