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Looking at microbiota in relation to cosmetics means focusing on microorganisms or the action of the metabolites they produce. The latter are a key element in the relationship between micro-organisms and cells, potentially acting as highly effective active ingredients. This is the path that Labio decided to follow when developing its original approach.

A scientific advance

The skin of a baby is not only a paradigm of plump softness, and a highly desirable symbol of youth and freshness. It is also home to a specific microbiota that could be the source of a precious metabolome. In partnership with KRIBB, Labio laboratories in Korea successfully reproduced its sequencing.

An original anti-aging strategy

Based on a comparative mapping of child and adult microbiota, Labio identified shared organisms whose density significantly decreased in adults. What if these were the source of pro-youth metabolites?

BeBebiome, a post-biotic complex

By bringing together this discovery with deep fermenting expertise, Labio developed a post-biotic complex titrated with metabolites displaying anti-inflammatory, firming and anti-wrinkle properties: cis-vaccenic acid, sarcosine, gamma-aminobutyric acid and ectoine.

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