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Instant Cold Emulsion Technology

The new range of cationic systems by Jeen Laboratories


Looking for new solutions to combine cold processing with high sensory performance and versatility, Jeen Laboratories have developed a new range of cationic systems inspired by the Instant Cold Technology (ICE-T).

ICE-T Cationic Systems

ICE-T ingredients are emulsifying powders associating waxes to a soft cationic polymer. 2 grades are available:
  • Jeesperse ICE-T CIs 2 (INCI : PEG-150 Distearate & Cetearyl alcohol & Polyquaternium-37)
  • Jeesperse ICE-T CPCs (PEG free version) (INCI : Cetearyl alcohol & Behentrimonium Chloride & Polyquaternium-37)

Sensory profile

ICE-T powders allow the obtention of a smooth and powdery film with a pleasant comfortable silicone like feel.

Versatility and competitivity

The ICE-T systems give access to a complete palette of eco-designed textures, from  sprayable emulsion to balms for make up, skin care, sun care, toiletries, or hair care.


  • dosage : 0.5 to 6%
  • Cold process
  • Wide range pH stability: from pH 2 to 9
  • Compatible with vegetable oils, esters, or silicones…
  • Can emulsify up to 30% of oils