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Olive, camellia, argan, green tea, sunflower, avocado, primrose and safflower…vegetable oils have become, in just a couple of years, prodigious ingredients embodying the full sensuality and power of the plant world. Until recently, you could enjoy them raw, virgin or refined depending on what mattered most: content or form, active ingredients or texture. But there was a glimmering hope of simultaneously achieving a rich composition and refined texture.

Enhanced composition

And, Labio’s laboratories successfully achieved just this: transforming vegetable oils through a natural fermentation process. At the crossroad between Korean traditions and lipid science, the patented technology quite literally unleashes the full potential of these oils:
  • Higher concentration of free fatty acids
  • Higher level of glycolipids including mannosylerythritol (MEL)
  • Higher level of alpha-tocopherol activity

More powerful hydrating action

In face and body care products, this process increases the hydrating capacity of the oils. A clinical study demonstrated the hydrating action of Olive Fermentoil compared to classic olive oil according to the following protocol: applied as a 3% emulsion, after washing the face once, the hydration level was measured every 3 hours up to 12 hours. At 12 hours, the face was washed again, and level of hydration measured at 15h and 18h.
  • Olive Fermentoil hydrates the skin 3.5X more than olive oil, from 3h after application
  • This level is still twice as high after rinsing, indicating that it is better at keeping the skin hydrated

Superior sensory profile

Enhanced affinity with the skin, a lighter texture that is easy to spread and faster absorption make fermentoils an ideal choice when creating new formulas. They have a multitude of benefits across numerous applications.

  • In Korea, where men’s care products are expected to combine comfort and lightness, they are the perfect choice for the most demanding brands.
  • In hygiene products, the MEL makes rinsing easier while also offering a richer texture.
  • These benefits also apply to makeup with the added advantage over classic oils that they can be heated up to 85°.
  • Finally, for hair care, Labio has developed the Fermentoil Hair Complex, which combines the powers of fermentology and the advantages of vegetal synergies. The complex restructures the hair fibers, enhances their texture and improves hydration for an anti-frizz effect and glossy finish.

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