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Helical Network Emulsion Technology


The emulsifying properties of rice starch are well known. However, the textures it produces tend to be on the sticky side. Working with a rice species from the Niigata area, Technoble have been able to successfully modify its structure thus unlocking all its sensory and functional potential.


In Japan, fermented rice is fully part of the traditional culture. Fully mastered by Technoble, it allows the transformation of the linear shape of native rice starch into a helical architecture. The latter opens the way to a new generation of emulsions in which lipophilic ingredients are adsorbed into an original 3D structure.


A versatile ingredient, H-NET enables you to design a wide range of textures with a unique touch and an unparalleled “quick-break” effect in the world of natural formulation. A high tolerance ingredient in total affinity with the skin, it produces a light, smooth, comfortable film with no sticky feel. A 100%


In a more holistic approach of formulation, the idea would be that each ingredient could contribute to deliver skin benefits. Rich in essential amino acids, H-NET defines itself as a hybrid ingredient with both functional and active values. It comes with substantiated soothing and antioxidant properties and favors the penetration of active principles.

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