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Precious oil of the Arctic

Red Alfa, The lingonberry by Aromtech


Imagine an oil that would be all together light, silky and packed with precious benefits. An oil so pure that it is could be as much an active extract than a functional ingredient. Red Alfa has been developed by Aromtech out of Lingonberry seeds from the Arctic forests – an ultra-precious oil with an outstanding concentration in active molecules.

Lingonberry, the super fruit of the far North

The traditional Finish medicine uses its leaves as well as its fruits.  These can be preserved in their own juice without adding any sugar.  A source of resveratrol and proanthocyanidins, it has become a star fruit for nutraceuticals.

A CO2 supercritical oil

The extraction technology allows the production of a highly concentrated oil with a super fine sensory profile.

An outstanding concentration in actives

Red Alfa contains over 85% of essential fatty acids among which close to 50% of omega 3 and 0.10% of tocotrienols – powerful antioxidants characterized by three double bounds on the phytil chain.

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