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Preserving the power of stem cells


Technoble continues exploring new pathways enabling the skin to enhance its natural performance and better resist the alterations associated with aging.

Preserving the skin’s thickness

With age, the dermis and epidermis tend to become thinner.  As a consequence, the skin starts to sag, wrinkles appear and the skin becomes dryer, more fragile and more sensitive.

In the epidermis, the stratum corneum gets thicker, while the living stem cells become finer. This change is caused by the behavior of the stem cells. As you get older, the epidermal stem cells start to differentiate into epidermal cells. This means that there are fewer stem cells.

Targeting the reduced transcription activity of HIF-1α

HIF-1α (Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1α) is a protein that acts as a transcription factor during hypoxia. It is found in cells situated near the basal membrane and, when linked with HRE, helps maintain the stem cells.

Over the years, the epidermis becomes thinner. Technoble’s laboratories successfully showed that stimulating HIF-1α could have a positive impact on this phenomenon.


StemClover-RF is an extract of red clover that is rich in Formonone and Biochanin A, two isoflavones whose functional groups help promote the transcription activity of HIF-1α.

Tested at 1% on a model of reconstructed skin, StemClover-RF helped preserve the stem cells in an undifferentiated state and maintain the thickness of the epidermis.

An in-vivo study (1%) using confocal microscopy demonstrated improvements in the level of hydration and thickness of the epidermis.

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