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Anti Hair Loss

Hairgrowju stimulates the production of collagen XVII


Research on hair aging and hair loss prevention has shown that hair follicle stem cells decrease with age. Studying the key roles of collagen XVII, Technoble has explored a new pathway to help reduce hair loss.

Stimulating the production of collagen XVII

The number of undifferentiated stem cells of hair follicles tends to diminish as we grow older. It is also the case for collagen XVII. Interestingly, the latter seems to play a key role in sustaining stem cells and in awakening the hair cycle.  Stimulating the production of collagen XVII could then favor hair growth.  Based on this promising pathway, Technoble has developed a new anti-hair loss natural active: Hairgrowju.

A unique extract of Great Burdock

Hairgrowju is an extract of Golden Burdock roots from the Nara prefecture in Japan.  It is particularly rich in inulin and chlorogenic acid, two compounds known for their ability to stimulate the production of collagen XVII. The extract is obtained with a proprietary process allowing an optimal concentration in these two molecules in spite of their different polarities.

A substantiated activity

Studies conducted by Technoble have shown that Hairgrowju does increase the synthesis of collagen XVII.  Moreover in vitro tests have shown that it promotes CD34 protein synthesis, a marker for hair follicle stem cells.  The efficacy of the ingredient on hair growth and hair thickness has also been substantiated by in-vivo tests.

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